About Us

Follow Your Art is a funding campaign to support artists and art workers hit by the covid-19 measures across European countries and beyond. Each funding cycle aims to provide 500 euros to 50 artists / art workers in 3 different countries, since art and solidarity don’t stop at the borders. The first cycle targets Belgium, Tunisia and Italy. The testimonials by artists and art workers applying for the support prove how urgent the support is needed: theatre and dance performances, concerts and exhibitions are cancelled world wide. Follow Your Art encourages people all over the world to make a donation from 5 euros onwards, and thus creates an international solidarity movement.


Follow your Art is a non-profit designed to help support artists and art workers. It’s an initiative of Sana Ouchtati, supported by Ziad Erraiss and Eva Blaute.

Sana Ouchtati
1974, Brussels/Tunis




Sana Ouchtati is based in Brussels, she is heading several initiatives supporting international cultural relations among them More Europe-External cultural relations and since 4 years the Cultural Diplomacy Platform as well as its follow up initiative the Cultural Relations Platform supporting exchanges, cooperation between artists and cultural organisations from all over the world. She has been supporting the cultural sector in the Middle East, North Africa and more specifically in Tunisia since more than 10 years.

Ziad Erraiss
1996, France





Ziad Erraiss is a young professional engaged in the international cultural relations community – currently involved in More Europe – external cultural relations. Based in Brussels since 2018 – he also carried out assignments for the European Newspaper Publishers’ Association and the Cultural Diplomacy Platform

Eva Blaute
1980, Brussels

Eva Blaute has been supporting artists ever since she graduated and started working for the international theatre and dance company, Needcompany in 2006, until 2017 when she was general manager. Since 2017 she’s the artistic advisor of choreographer and performer Mohamed Toukabri. Since 2018 she’s a project manager within Goethe-Institut Brussels, first for Tourab: Syria Art Space and later on for i-Portunus, a mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals, an initiative of the Creative Europe programme.