Call for Artists

Follow your Art is a non-profit designed to help support artists and art workers during the covid-19 crisis. 

Follow your Art provides 500 euros to freelance artists / art workers after validation of their request. 

        The grantee must provide proof of canceled events during the corona crisis;

        The grantee doesn’t receive unemployment benefits;

        Grants will be evaluated in the order received. 

Follow your Art aims to support 50 artists in 3 different countries. In stages, we will support artists in various groups of countries. The first collection of funds targets artists and art workers in Belgium, Italy and Tunisia.


The call is open. Each time we reach 10 % of our final goal, we will select and announce 5 artists / art workers who will receive the support. As soon as support has been given to 50 artists / art workers, we’ll start a new funding cycle with 3 new countries.


You can follow the realtime evolution of collected funds. As soon as the goal has been reached funds will be distributed to your personal bank account / pay pal account. The funds are distributed on a first come first served basis, taking into account the urgent need of the applicant. 


As soon as the first call has been successfully closed, a new call will be launched in 3 different countries.


Please complete the following questionnaire: